Minors & Visiting Students

All Electronically Fillable Forms Requiring Either Submission or Digital Signature Must be Downloaded and opened Outside of the Browser with Adobe.

If you have not adjusted your browser settings to allow this, instructions for Firefox are here and for Chrome here.

Principal Investigators (PI) and Authorized Users (AU) Must

  1. Enroll the new lab member under your permit through EHSA Web Portal

  2. Register for the next available Laboratory Safety Training and if required, Basic Radiation Safety and GURAM courses (call 7-4712)

    NOTE: Regents PIs need only register students for the biological and radiation awareness training

  3. Complete all forms described below:

Georgetown University policy and District of Columbia regulations require minors receive written Parental Consent prior to participating in any research activity. Please remember to indicate which hazardous materials are present in your laboratory prior to providing the form to the minor for parental consent. A copy of the completed form (with parental signature), must be forwarded to both EH&S and Human Resources (The 'Submit' button will send th email to both locations).

Georgetown University has established a Protection of Minors Policy to protect those under 18 years of age who participate in programs and activities associated with the University, and to provide guidance to University students, faculty and staff who are involved with such programs and activities.