EH&S Staff

NameArea of ResponsibilityTitle
Chavez, DanelleOccupational SafetySenior Environmental and Occupational Safety Manager
Freeman, RodAdministration/IBCAdministrative Officer
Hollo, KristjanOccupational SafetyOccupational Safety Technician
Johnson, ShannonRadiation SafetyHealth Physics Technician
Kim, AngelaEnvironmental ProgramsEnvironmental Compliance Lead
Liu, Wei-HanOccupational SafetySenior Industrial Hygienist & Waste Management Lead
Martin, SusanEH&S Program ManagementExecutive Director
Mullins, DonaldRadiation SafetyRadiation / Laser Safety Officer
Murphy, StanleyOccupational SafetyOccupational Health and Safety Technician
Pest, PageOccupational SafetyOccupational Health and Safety Specialist
Portnoy, Madeline Fire SafetyFire Life Safety Coordinator
Ricks, LaurentRadiation SafetySenior Health Physicist
Senina, Lana Occupational Safety Sr. Occupational Health Biological Safety Manager