Building Emergency Plans/Drills

To ensure that building occupants are prepared for an emergency evacuation, drills must be conducted on a regular basis. Evacuation drills may be used to vacate a building for several reasons such as fires, gas leaks, chemical spills, bomb threats or other similar emergencies and emphasis should be placed on orderly evacuation rather than on speed.

The fire drill evacuation plan shall include all personnel in the building. This includes all residents, visitors, guests, employees, and attendants. There are no excuses for not participating. Everyone must leave the building during the drill period.

For residence halls, fire drills are required once each semester, during the first three weeks of each academic term to test the fire alarms and fire reporting procedures under simulated emergency conditions. Drills shall not be conducted at regularly scheduled times, and shall be held without warning except for the GU Facilities alarm technicians or the GU Housing Operations Staff. Such drills ensure familiarity with exits which in turn ensures that everyone gets out of the building promptly and in an organized manner to a place of safety. Below are the steps to follow when establishing and participating in on-Campus fire drills.

The Building Floor Marshal, OEM and EH&S personnel will arrange, conduct, and record drill results. Environmental Health & Safety will coordinate the dates of the fire drills. For information about your building’s emergency plan, please contact EH&S, 7-4712.