** Please be advised that the Laboratory/Blood Borne Pathogens Safety training on Monday, March 23, 2020 has been cancelled. All currently registered individuals are automatically signed up for April 13th training session. If the start date of your employment with GU began after February 12, 2020, and you will work in a laboratory or the Research Resource Facility, please contact the Environmental Health & Safety Office (EH&S) at 202 687 4712 to learn interim training requirements necessary for you to safely work in laboratory environments.

Education being a key component to any safety program, EH&S conducts mandatory safety training for all laboratory staff members, Principal Investigators, visiting researchers, and students on a routine basis. Refresher training sessions (e.g., Biosafety, Blood Borne Pathogens, Radiation Safety) are also provided on an annual basis. Please click on the specific training to view the course descriptions.

Additional training sessions and refreshers are scheduled specifically for staff such as Housekeeping, Facilities, and Public Safety.

Course Description

This course is required for all laboratory personnel. This training course includes the following topics:

  • ·General Laboratory Safety
  • Biological Safety, Bloodborne Pathogens, Biological Waste Management, Emergency Response
  • Radiological Safety Awareness
  • Emergency Preparedness/Emergency Action Plans
  • Life, Fire and Electrical Safety
  • Chemical Safety, Hazard Communication
  • Chemical Waste Management

Course Description

This course is for laboratory personnel who will use Radioactive Material (RAM), and: 

  • have never taken a Basic Radiation Safety class in the United States, which includes a written exam, or
  • cannot provide a copy of their training certificate

Lab personnel must attend prior to working with RAM unless the work is performed under the direct supervision of an Authorized User or Assistant Authorized User; or the individual has challenged the course and passed the exam with a minimum grade of 70%.

Course Description

This course is for laboratory personnel who use RAM: 
and have taken a previous Basic Radiation Safety class and

  • have provided a copy of the training certificate to the Radiation Safety Office, or
  • have challenged the course and passed the exam with a minimum grade of 70%
  • Lab personnel must attend within one month of beginning work with RAM.

Course Description

After attending the Basic Radiation Safety and GU RAM Worker class, all personnel must complete a refresher training at least once every 12 months. All Authorized Users must complete the training every 12 months or change their Authorization status to Inactive.  The GU RAM Refresher training is available online at GU CANVAS.

Course Description

This course is required for all laboratory personnel who will be shipping materials classified in Department of Transportation Hazardous Materials Regulation 49 CFR P100-185 §6.2 and 9. §6.2 and 9 materials include but are not limited to: patient clinical/diagnostic samples, infectious agents, other biohazardous materials, and dry ice. After initial training certification, this training course must be retaken every 2 years as per regulatory requirement. This course will be given once per quarter or as demand necessitates. This course covers the following topics:

  • Regulatory definitions
  • Relevant reference materials and resources
  • Classifying material;
  • Proper packaging
  • Labeling requirements
  • Documentation requirements

Lab personnel must attend and pass this course (70%) before shipping any materials in §6.2 and 9.

For specialized training (e.g., LOTO, Confined Space Entry, Hearing Protection), please contact EH&S at 7-4712. Register for your required course by calling (202) 687- 4712 or request online.