Chemical Safety Review Committee

The Chemical Safety Review Committee (CSRC) is a standing committee responsible for reviewing and approving research protocols, submitted by GU Principal Investigators, that involve the use of particularly hazardous chemicals and those of unknown toxicity.  EH&S provides administrative support to the CSRC, and technical support for principal investigators, in the development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The mission of the CSRC is to ensure that all activities involving Particularly Hazardous Substances/Chemicals and the facilities used to conduct such work are in compliance with all external regulations and applicable University policies.

CSR Meetings

CSR meetings will be held on the second Friday of every month. Meetings will be
canceled when there are no new applications submitted by the due date of each month.

Note: Meeting dates are subject to committee member availability. Please see CSR meeting schedule for official and tentative dates.

CSR Meeting Schedule 2024

MonthProtocols DueMeeting Date

Applications that are not submitted on the due date, will be reviewed at the next scheduled meeting. The CSR will not review any submission that is not complete and has not addressed edits or clarifications requested by EH&S. These protocols will also be postponed for review to the next month.

Membership Roster 2023-2024

Seema Agarwal, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Pathology (Chair)
GCD 7A Preclinical Science Building
(202) 687- 2644
Philip Witorsch, M.D.
Professor, BioMedical Grad Research Org.
SE 402 Medical/Dental Bldg.
(202) 687-0398
Danelle Chavez, MPH
Interim EH&S Leader, Environmental Health & Safety
P2 Leavey Center
(202) 687-4712
Sivanesan Dakshanamurthy, Ph.D.
Professor, Oncology
E 401 New Research Bldg
(202) 687-2347
Robin Tucker, DVM
Sr. Clinical Veterinarian, Department of Comparative Medicine
G 05 RRF Preclinical Science Building
(202) 687-2488
Wei-Han Liu, Ph.D.
Sr. Industrial Hygienist, Environmental Health & Safety
P2 Leavey Center
(202) 687-1970
Christian Wolf, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Chemistry
127 Basic Science
(202) 687-3468
Rodney Freeman
Administrative Officer/Contact Person
LM 12 Preclinical Science Bldg.
(202) 687-4712
Lana Senina
Sr. Occupational Health Biological Safety Manager
LM 12 Preclinical Science Bldg.
(202) 687-4712