Frequently Asked Questions

General Lab Safety Questions

Decontaminate the equipment with a 10% bleach solution. Complete the Certification of Decontamination form and fax (ext. 7-5046) or deliver to the Environmental Health and Safety Office in LM-12 Preclinical Science. The Department of Oncology/Lombardi investigators should schedule a pick up through the Lombardi Research Operations Office (ext. 7-3039). All other departments should schedule a pick-up through the Medical Operations Office (ext. 7-1497).

Contact Environmental Health & Safety (ext. 7-4712)immediately to have your fume hood inspected.

The Georgetown University Waste Disposal Guidelines flipchart is located in each laboratory and provides emergency contact phone numbers and information regarding the disposal of the following types of waste: general, infectious/pathological, chemical, radioactive, and mixed hazardous. If your lab is in need of a new flip chart contact EH&S(ext. 7-4712).

While performing research operations, the minimum required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) includes: lab coat, safety gloves, and closed-toed shoes; safety glasses or goggles, when working with hazardous materials outside of a fume hood. Special tasks may require additional PPE such as UV glasses, heat resistant gloves, cut-resistant gloves or respiratory protection.

Particularly hazardous substances (PHS) are those chemicals with special acute or chronic hazards. The OSHA laboratory Standard (29 CFR 1910.1450) defines PHSs as select carcinogens, reproductive toxins, or substances which have a high degree of acute toxicity. Standard Operating Procedures are required to safely manage these chemicals.

Biological Safety Questions

Yes, but only those labs authorized to use radioactivity. Otherwise, sharps containers may be purchased through your preferred lab supply vendor.