Training for Non-GU Employees

Any student, minor, volunteer, or visiting faculty are required to take a general safety training course in order to work in the lab. Currently EH&S training is offered through canvas which requires a NetID to access. PI’s may apply for Sponsored University Associate (SUA) status to receive a temporary NetID. If a Net ID is not obtained, please follow the steps below to complete the mandatory training.

  1. The Principle Investigator or the Lab Manger must submit a request to EH&S with “General Lab Safety Training Request” Google Form. Following submission, EH&S will send an email to the requester with training resources and quiz.
  2. The Principle Investigator and/or Lab Manager are responsible for ensuring that lab workers take the required training modules listed below:
    • Module 1- Introduction
    • Module 2- Chemical Safety
    • Module 3 – Radiation & Laser Safety
    • Module 4- Biological Safety
    • Module 5 – Fire & Life Safety

  1. Once these five modules have been completed and the lab worker is comfortable with the material, then they can take the General Laboratory Safety Quiz.