Fire Safety Committee

The Fire Safety Committee (FSC) is comprised of members of the Department of Environmental Safety and Health (EH&S), Facilities Management, Georgetown University Police Department (GUPD) and the Office of Emergency Management (OEM). This committee is dedicated to continually improving fire/life safety at Georgetown University.

This concerted effort brings together the expertise of Facilities Management, OEM, EH&S, and GUPD to resolve identified fire/life safety issues. A significant benefit of the committee is the collaboration of a diversified group toward the improvement of fire/ life safety at Georgetown.

The FSC provides the members with:

  • The opportunity to make contributions to the fire/ life safety culture of the University.
  • The ability to resolve issues through the joint collaboration of multiple University Departments.
  • Coordination with outside agencies pertaining to the fire/ life safety education of the staff and students.

Roles of the FSC

  • The coordination of joint reporting issues such as the Clery Act.
  • Review fire/ life safety issues presented by Staff, Students and Faculty to determine the department best suited to bring resolution to the issue.
  • Collaborate with outside entities such as DC Fire-Rescue and the NFPA for fire/ Life safety Awareness.
  • Review of fire/ life safety inspections and testing to determine the best resolution of identified deficiencies.
  • Coordination of fire drills and fire alarm testing for all University owned buildings.

Results of the Fire Safety Committee initiatives serve to improve the fire/ life safety of the Students, Faculty, and staff at Georgetown.

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