Joint Safety Team

The Joint Safety Team (JST) is comprised of EH&S, as well as staff and graduate/postdoctoral scientific research students dedicated to continually improving the culture of safety in laboratories at Georgetown University. 

This concerted effort brings in-depth practical knowledge of specific research tasks together with the larger overview of safety policies, procedures, and lessons learned.  Another significant benefit is the enhancement of cooperation among all parts of the University community toward solving health and safety problems.

The JST provides participants with:

  • Opportunity to make lasting improvements in safety culture
  • Leadership experience
  • Networking with other grads, post docs, and staff

Roles of the JST

  • Lead efforts across various departments to assess safety issues
  • Learn best practices from similar research institutions
  • Propose solutions to be implemented at Georgetown University

Results of Joint Safety Team initiatives serve to frame Department Safety Committee goals to continually improve performance in research areas at Georgetown.