Appliance Safety

An appliance can be defined as any instrument or piece of equipment or device designed for a particular use and powered by electricity. (i.e. computers, copy machines, refrigerators, freezers, space heaters etc.). Use the following guidelines when using appliances on campus.

  • Always use appliances that are UL or FM labeled
  • Adequate space should be given around appliances to allow for air circulation
  • Clothes dryers should have the lint removed after each load and excess build-up of lint around the dryer should be cleaned regularly.
  • Large appliances such as refrigerators and freezers should be plugged directly into wall outlets.
  • Frequently inspect the electrical connection of appliances to ensure a good connection with the receptacle
  • Frequently inspect the condition of appliances. If appliances begins to spark or produce an electrical smell, turn power off immediately and discontinue using the appliance.