Top 10 D.C. Fire Requirements

1. Chemical Storage: Storage of hazardous chemicals on the floor is not permitted; i.e., flammables, acids, corrosives, oxidizers, and water reactives;

  • Nonhazardous chemicals may be on the floor only if properly housed in secondary containment;
  • All radioactive liquid waste containers stored on the floor must be stored in secondary containment;
  • Storage of incompatible chemicals is not permitted; i.e., acids must not be stored in a flammable storage cabinet;
  • Five-gallon flammable/combustible chemical containers must be stored in an approved flammable storage cabinet;
  • Flammable liquids in excess of 10 gallons are not permitted outside an approved flammable storage cabinet.

2. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) must be available for all chemicals used in the laboratory. Chemical manufacturers are required by Federal Law to provide this infomation. If you are missing any SDS, contact the vendor to obtain this information.

3. Each compressed gas cylinder must be individually secured with a chain or strap attached at the body of the cylinder.

4. No Materials may be stored within 24″ of the ceiling in a non-sprinklered area, and 18″ in sprinkled areas (within 6″ in the The Research Building only).

5. Extension cords must never be used as permanent wiring. If additional electrical oulets are required, contact Facilities (ext. 7-3432) for installation.

6. Access to the following items must be unobstructedat all times:

  • ​Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Emergency Pull Stations
  • Electrical Panel Boxes
  • Emergency Eye Wash/Shower Stations

7. Emergency exit corridors and stairways must be clear at all times. Fire doors must never be prop open.

NOTE: Storage of any material in these areas is strictly prohibited.

8. Multiple outlet adapters must never be used; only those power strips with surge protectors are acceptable. Never use power strips in sequence (one power strip may not be plugged in to another).

9. Exit signs not properly illuminated, nonfunctioning emergency exit lights, and missing ceiling tiles must be reported to Facilities to arrange for immediate correction.

10. Housekeeping- Excessive accumulation of materials is not permitted (i.e., boxes, paper, chemicals, etc).