Authorization Applications

To become an Authorized User (AU) for the use of Radioactive Materials (RAM), the Research Irradiator Facility (RIF) or Radiation Producing Devices (RPD) the principal investigator must complete the applicable forms and submit them to the Radiation Safety Office Staff (RSOS). The RSOS will review the completed applications, request additional information (if necessary), and forward to a subcommittee of the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) for review and approval. Once all the subcommittee ballots are received and unanimously approved, an interim approval letter is sent to the AU. If there are questions or clarifications required, the RSOS will request further information for RSC review. On occasion, the RSC will want to discuss the application at the quarterly RSC meeting. Upon formal approval by the RSC, the signed Authorization to Use Radioactive Materials (RSC-8) and approval letter will be sent to the AU. If no delays are encountered, the entire process may take up to four – six weeks.

Authorized User Application

The Authorized User Training and Experience (RSC-1) form must be submitted in order to become an Authorized User for RAM, RIF or RPD use. This is a one-time submission.

RAM Application

For initial approval to use RAM, or subsequent amendments to the Authorization (new protocols, new radioisotopes or increases in possession limits), a completed Application for In-Vitro Use of Radioactive Materials (RSC-7) must be submitted.

Animal protocols using RAM, RIF or RPD

Submit initial, amendments and renewal applications to the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). The IACUC will ensure that the RSOS is notified for administrative or RSC approval.

Authorization Renewal

For initial approval to use RIF or RPD (excluding animal use), or subsequent amendments to the Authorization, a completed Application To Use Ionizing Radiation In Research (RSC-6) must be submitted.

Once issued, each Authorization to Use Radioactive Materials (RSC-8) has an expiration date. The AU will be notified in the beginning of the calendar quarter of the impending expiration of the Authorization and will be required to submit a Renewal Application Form In-Vitro Use of Radioactive Materials (RSC-9).