Research utilizing certain radioactive materials (RAM) or Radiation Producing Devices (RPD) may require issuance and use of personnel dosimetry.  Dosimetry is provided to GU researchers and staff on an as needed basis.  Radiation exposures to GU personnel are maintained well below established regulatory limits, and in keeping with ALARA principles.  Both whole body and extremity monitoring is performed.  In addition, internal monitoring (bioassay) is performed when necessary.
If you have any questions regarding your radiation exposure, please do not hesitate to contact the RSOS!

Personnel Dosimetry Procedures

Personnel monitoring is accomplished using a whole body or extremity thermoluminescent dosimeter (TLD). Personnel dosimetry is required for:

  1. RAM Workers using Na-22, Rb-86, or greater than 10 millicuries, at one time, of P-32;
  2. RAM Workers Performing Iodinations;
  3. Approved Irradiator Operators;
  4. Radiation Producing Device Users; and,
  5. Any individual at the discretion of the RSOS.

Personnel monitoring devices are not required for persons working only with tritium (H-3), C-14, S-35, or less than 100 microcuries of I-125 in pre-labeled compounds. Contact the RSOS for application forms and additional information.

Bioassay requirements are specified in each Authorization To Use Radioactive Material.

The maximum permissible radiation exposure to the fetus from occupational exposure of the expectant mother during the entire gestation period may not exceed 500 millirem, at a rate not to exceed 50 millirem per month. Women who are pregnant may voluntarily inform the Authorized User and the RSO in writing by completing the NOTIFICATION OF PREGNANCY form.

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