Ordering Radioactive Materials

ALL requests for ordering RAM MUST be presented in writing to the Radiation Safety Office Staff (RSOS) for approval and ordering.  These procedures enable the RSOS to better track RAM inventory and ensure that the proper shipping address and RSO Release Number is supplied to the vendor.  All orders received prior to 11 a.m. will be processed that day.  All orders received after 11 a.m will be processed on the next working day.  Please print legibly, it will help ensure that your order is processed correctly, and will arrive in a timely manner.

Credit Card Purchases (CCP)

All purchases MUST be placed using a credit card and are made by completing the Radioactive Materials Credit Card Purchases form.  

Complete with the following information:

  •  Authorized User name and the Authorization number
  •  Name of person ordering the radionuclides
  •  phone number where person using the RAM can be reached
  •  Vendor name and telephone number
  •  Requested delivery date, or ASAP (as soon as possible)
  •  Quote Number (if applicable)
  •  Credit Card Number and Expiration Date
  •  Card Holder’s Name

Ordering information: for each line,

  •  catalog number, isotope, activity (in uCi or mCi), quantity and chemical compound
  •  Signature authorizing the RSOS to place the order

The RSOS will review the CCP and a unique release number will be assigned. The completed CCP will be forwarded to the appropriate vendor.  The Authorized User will be contacted if there is a problem with the order.